Competition formats of Frisbeer Cup 2019

Open pairs

  • divided into Challengers and PROs divisions to give chance of winning a trophy even to less experienced players
  • routines length: 3 minutes, all rounds

Maybe you are wondering how to distinguish a Challenger from a PRO. Well, we let you decide that about your team in the registration form. In the end we are going to revise the teams and if we’ll think that your team should play in the stronger division (or vice versa), we’ll send you a friendly recommendation about switching the divisions.

Open Coop

  • routines length: 4 minutes, all rounds


Mixed and Women pairs

  • only if there is enough women (at least 4 teams for Women pairs)
  • routines length: 3 minutes, all rounds


  • if there is enough interest, we would like to try this dynamic solo format
  • the system will be pretty simple and fast, very similar to legendary Beachstylers
  • we will explain more at the spot
  • turboshred will have its own judging system


Judging system

All the standard divisions will be judged using the new judging system which is being developed by Ryan Young and the special committee. Please, take some time and READ ABOUT THE NEW JUDGING SYSTEM HERE >>

Fixed judges

To have consistent judging, more fluent organization and to give you more jamming and warm-up time, we will again try to have Fixed judges. If you are interested let us know.









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